Loan FAQ

What are the criteria for getting a loan?

You need to be a working adult in order to qualify for a loan application.

What are the document required?

Please bring along your identification card and bank book.

What are the method of repayment?

We would welcome bank transfer or cash paid in our institution.

What is the tenure of loan period?

We would customize the loan tenure according to your financial situation which would not have any unnecessary pressure on your cash flow.

Pawn FAQ

What are the requirement for pawning my belonging?

Please bring along your identification card, item for pawn and the ownership proof or receipt.

How can I redeem my pawned item?

You have to come down to our branch with your identification care and pawn ticket. Upon full payment we would hand over your pawned item.

Can I get someone else to redeem my pawned item?

No, you have to redeem by yourself only.

Can someone else do the repayment on my behalf?

Yes, all the person need is to provide your pawn ticket to our staff and make the respective repayment.

Can I make partial repayment?

Yes, you can make partial repayment as we are working to accommodate your cash-flow.